Meet snowbo, the first fully autonomous robot snow blower in the world

Welcome to a revolution in snow removal

Automagic : Fully autonomous robotic snow blower, starts removing snow entirely on its own – no human interaction!
Knows the weather : Automatic weather updates based on your location, Snowbo knows exactly when to start and stop working
No snow accumulation : Snowbo removes snow as it falls, during the snow storm – no more snow accumulation on your driveway
Works in any storm : Always ready for any snow storm, from a light dusting to a full-blown blizzard, Snowbo has you covered

Simple 3-step installation
and setup process

Snowbo’s simple 3-step installation allows you to get Snowbo up and running in less than 15 minutes, it’s that simple.

  1. Plug the charging station into a power outlet

  2. Position the 4 beacons around the perimeter of driveway

  3. Walk around beacons once while using the mobile app

Convenience and peace of mind

Snowbo is a fully autonomous robot snow blower. You will not need to do anything after the first-time installation and setup, Snowbo automatically detects snowfall and starts cleaning your driveway whether you are at home or not. 

  • No more scrambling - forget snow removal
  • Snowbo charges itself when it needs to
  • Snowbo keeps your driveway clear all the time

Safety and security features

Snowbo’s SafeStop (patent pending) obstacle detection and avoidance technology works in the toughest storms, giving you peace of mind that it will always stay out of trouble.


100% safe, no accessible moving parts


Guaranteed to work in the toughest storms


Alarm sounds if Snowbo is removed from diveway

Get to know Snowbo’s parts and components


Intelligent robot snow blower moves around your driveway to clean snow

Docking station

Weather-proof base station that Snowbo automatically parks into to charge


Light and sturdy floor mounted beacons provide navigational guidance

Mobile app

View Snowbo’s progress or manually start/top Snowbo for a tough spot

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Technical specifications


Height with mast

3.5ft (106.5cm)
1.9ft (58cm)
1.48ft (45.2cm)
3.67ft (112cm)
107lbs (48kg) 

Docking station


1.97ft (60cm)
3.05ft (93cm)
1.97ft (60cm) including base
40lbs (18 kg) 

Power system

Snowbo uses an industry grade proven battery pack.


Snowbo uses Ultrasound and GPS for navigation and localization. It also uses Wi-Fi for additional features such as communicating with the clock, and the app.

Frequently asked questions

How does Snowbo work?

Snowbo doesn’t wait until the storm is over to start clearing the snow. It continuously clears the snow as it falls. Snowbo gets regular weather updates over the internet and knows when snow is hitting its area. It goes out during the storm and clears the fresh snow to ensure that snow doesn’t accumulate on your driveway in the first place. This process allows snowbo to keep driveways clean and accessible even during the toughest storms.

How do I start Snowbo?

Snowbo is fully autonomous. Set it up once at the beginning of the season and it will continuously monitor and clean your driveway on its own. If you would like to manually control Snowbo, you don’t have to go outdoors. You can use the mobile app to start Snowbo and clear additional areas around your home like your walkway and sidewalk. You need to confirm that you have a clear unobstructed view of the area that you are manually cleaning, before you can manually control Snowbo using your phone.

What is the battery capacity and how often do I have to charge Snowbo?

Snowbo calculates how often it needs to charge to keep your driveway clean during and after a storm. You don’t need to worry about the capacity of its batteries and how often they charge. A typical charge can last Snowbo 45 minutes to an hour and it is enough for it to complete several cycles. It takes Snowbo about 45 minutes to an hour to fully recharge its batteries, but once again it calculates how much and how often it needs to do so on its own. You do not need to intervene in that process.

How big of an area can Snowbo handle?

Snowbo can handle a 2-3 car garage driveway. It can handle driveways up to 4,000sqft on one full charge. Duration varies based on snow stickiness and wetness. It usually works for about 1 hour on a full charge.

How much snow accumulation can Snowbo handle?

Snowbo operates best if Snow accumulation is less than 5” of snow per hour. The heaviest storms last season resulted in 14″ accumulation over 8-11 hours. This is well within Snowbo’s operating parameters and way below the 5″ of snow per hour limit.

Is Snowbo safe?

Snowbo uses its SafeStop Ultrasound sensors and AI based technology to detect moving object (like the mailman) or stationary objects (such as a parked car) and reacts using sophisticated algorithms. It decides whether to shut its motor and wait or navigate around the obstacle. Snowbo is designed with safety in mind. All moving parts are not accessible while it is operating.

Is Snowbo a single stage or dual stage snowblower?

Although Snowbo has a single auger, it can handle the toughest storms like a dual stage snowblower. The difference is Snowbo doesn’t wait for full snow accumulation. It starts going to work as the storm starts. This paradigm shift in snow removal allows us to keep the auger tucked safely in Snowbo’s underbelly while we easily tackle the toughest storms.

What is the warranty on Snowbo?

Snowbo comes with a 1-year standard warranty. An extended warranty will be available as well.

Can I keep my Snowbo and charging station outdoors?

Snowbo and all its accessories are weatherproof. They are meant to stay outdoors all year long. You should keep Snowbo, its beacons and charging station outside, so that it can work fully autonomously and you don’t have to worry about opening the garage door for Snowbo.

Is it safe to leave my Snowbo outdoors unmonitored?

Snowbo weighs more than 100lbs and is 3.5ft long, 2ft wide and 4ft high with the communication mast on. It is equipped with a GPS and will notify you if it is moved off your property. To operate, Snowbo needs to communicate with our servers. If flagged for theft, we can identify the device when it connects to our network and advise you to notify law enforcement authorities.

Will you ship internationally?


Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you may cancel your pre-order for a full refund until November 15th 2020. After that date, you may return Snobo within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

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